Parcel Post: Creative Exchanges Between Older Adults in North Carolina

A project of the Center for Creative Aging - North Carolina

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Finishing touches, smiles and celebrations

The time has come!

This week marks the twelfth and final week of sessions at all six sites. To celebrate the closing of the hands-on phase of Parcel Post, there'll be parties. Finished and titled artworks on the wall for all to see, rounds of applause and cake. By the end of the week, the 66 special artworks made by all participants in this project will be headed for Greensboro in preparation for their first public exhibition in May.

But before all this happens, let's pause for a moment and think back to January ... to those blank boxes, those early moments of indecision and inspiration, and then a little later on the closing up and sending on of Art Parcels in-progress, the opening up and discoveries of new boxes, new layers, new connections. It is not just the finished artworks we are celebrating this week, but all those moments in between.

Here are a few pictures from sessions two weeks ago as participating artists put the finishing touches on their fourth Art Parcels, looking up now and then to smile. As Ruth Ingram said, 'If I'd known I was going to get my picture taken, I'd have put my teeth in!'

Patricia Clemson

Dorothy Maynor

Bill Moore

Linda Richardson

Alberta Gainey

Pat Murray

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