Parcel Post: Creative Exchanges Between Older Adults in North Carolina

A project of the Center for Creative Aging - North Carolina

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dogs and Sunshine and Brushes - O my!

Project sessions at all six sites began last week with a bang. We're waiting on the last consent forms to come in. Once we have those, posts will begin in earnest. Stay tuned!

In the meantime I thought some behind-the-scenes photos of supply preparations would be fun.

The wonderful Lia Miler, Executive Director of CCA-NC and multi-tasker extraordinaire, sorting through clouds of tissue paper.

And here I am assembling kits for each of our sites. The paint bottles reminded me of a childhood game I used to love ... Master Mind, it had pegs in these colors

Hollis Gabriel joined us with brilliant color, smiles and clementines. The group at ACE is very lucky to have her as their volunteer facilitator.

Looking forward to sharing more stories and pictures as the sessions continue.