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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Week in the Life of Parcel Post: Wednesday

Good morning (or 'Ola' as Amelia might say) and welcome to Wednesday!

How does the song go? If it's Tuesday this must be Rome? ... If it's Wednesday this must be Goldsboro and Washington? I'm sure the musical folks can help out with the tune. Herman? Alex? Lisa?

If you're just joining us on our wish-fulfilling journey, here's what we're up to: For this whole week, we're using this blog -and our imaginations!- to transport ourselves to a new Parcel Post site each day. By following along together we can all imagine ourselves on Wednesdays, joining our good friends, the participating artists in the Wayne County Council on Aging Memory Loss Program and Grace Martin Harwell Senior Center as they gather for their latest session.

Here are some pictures from a Wednesday two weeks ago when the first new boxes arrived in the mail at Wayne and Grace Martin.

Audrey Johnson (R) and Amelia Sanchez (L)

Liz Dawson (L), Lorraine Hodges (middle), Elnora Ward (R)

Hattie Batts

Group shot

Grace Rue

Group shot with Zorada Knapp in the foreground

Group shot

Merritt Clark (L) and Charles Mason (R)

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